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Super Liberal? Obama's Your Man

On Tuesday about 11 p.m. ET I'll have up "Barack: Hillary for V-P?"

Above is the already famous New Yorker cover of Michelle, fashionable in an Afro and (bitterly?) toting an AK-47, while Barack is decked out in a turban. I wrote about the cover and the way images and videos are being used against Mr. and Mrs. Obama. Go to:

On the Yahoo Group called Eighteen Million Hillary Supporters, I generally create a lot of trouble. Most of the members are dedicated to bitching about what a horrible man Barack Obama is. I tell them they got just what their Party (Democratic) and they deserve. One Black member of the group attacked me (and a precious few others) for deviating from the standard complaints about Obama and really talking about serious issues.

Here's her comment in italics):

> From: "darlajames84":

I joined this group to voice my concerns about Obama and his political>views. But it has become very apparent that some of the members are> blinded by their hatred of blacks in general. They can't even> respond to a subject without injecting disparaging remarks aimed at blacks. Where are the discussions about Obama's stand on gun> control, abortion, or the economy? How do we derail his bid for the> oval office? These are the issues we should be addressing.

Here's my response (part of it) to Darla and the Group:

Obama's views on the issues are pretty much standard fare for far-left Democrats. He believes in raising taxes dramatically and then passing out the funds to people who vote for him. In 2007, he was noted by the National Journal, a bipartisan publication, as the most liberal member of Congress, significantly more liberal than Mrs. Clinton.

If you value very liberal politics, mainly involving taking from some and distributing it to others, then Obama's your man.

My point has always been that there are much more serious issues involved here than just complaining about Obama's contempt for everyone in general. Of course, he's changing his position on many issues. Does this really surprise anyone?

I believe Obama's liberal stance is wrong on most of the issues. Heck, he may believe that himself, if he believes in anything. Clearly, he values getting elected above all issues.

As for his stand on abortion, he believes it should be allowed to take place in any and all instances, right up until the ninth month of pregnancy. He opposed in Illinois The Live Birth Infant Protection Act. That means he wanted to deny medical care to infants born alive as result of botched abortions. His view apparently was that nurse and physicians should be allowed to pretend the live infant was in fact dead.

In short, he not only believes in just about any and all abortions, but he also seemingly believes in infanticide. Those who are "pro-choice" in the extreme will vote for Barack H. Obama. Those who believe in protecting the lives of all infants born alive will vote for John McCain.

I have pointed out that the most liberal groups in our country -- including and the Daily Kos -- support Obama strongly -- and hate Hillary with a passion. Am I somehow wrong on this?

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