Thursday, July 3, 2008

First Hillary Supporters/McCain Blog

The Hillary Supporters for McCain, perhaps the first blog of its type, will begin again with a new column on Sunday, July 6. I've asked visitors here to join two similar groups: (1) the Nobama Network, a huge coaltion of individuals and organization opposing the election of Barack Obama; (2), a highly energized web site started by Hillary Supporters, but now including people of all political persuasions. Another site I hope you'll visit is Debby's at Before Sunday, I'll add some comments about the importance -- and the growing pains -- of what's called "The Nobama Movement."

I hope all visitors have a happy and blessed July 4th! (On my Pennsylvania blog, I talk about a new blog that shows great promise. You can find it at: It's by "Stacey," and she's certainly a "keeper."

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