Monday, July 28, 2008

Debbie Bartoshevich: WI's American Heroine

Bulletin: Right now on TV in PA, Obama is counter-attacking McCain's commercial blaming BHO for high gas prices. (McCain was using a metaphor, tying Obama to all those extremely liberal legislators who never want to produce another kilowatt or barrel of energy.) McCain was correct, and the clueless Obama doesn't even know why. I believe very much in wind and solar -- so does McCain -- but they will be big about 2035 or 2040. Between then and now, we are going to need a lot of energy, and Barack's idea of solving the problem is to let gasoline go to, oh, say, $7-$8 a gallon. Obama has no energy plan, and the would-be Emperor has no clothes.

Debbie Bartoshevich is a former Democratic delegate from Wisconsin who supported Sen. Hillary Clinton, D-NY, and vowed to vote for Sen. John McCain. The Wisconsin Democratic Party took away her convention credentials.

Now she's speaking to the press (watch HERE.)

"I have a right to vote for anybody I want to vote for," she says. "I'm putting my country before my party...I'm finished with the party, the Democrat party."

Clearly, the DNC has forgotten what country this is. Ms. Bartoshevich is right to leave the Party, which actually left her and other normal Americans long ago. The Party is now in complete control of the extremists who financed and supported Barack H. Obama.

It's frankly time for Democrats and patriots to wake up from the nightmare that their Party has become. Ms. Bartoshevich has recognized that the Party is broken, and it's not likely to get fixed anytime soon.

"McCain, not Hussein . . . country BEFORE Party."


druidmary said...

I'm proud of you Debbie. Standing up to the party.

they will be surprised when they see many of us are not getting in line. women are united. Men too of course but fool us once, we will fool you.

hugsnkizes said...

I use to admire Senator McCain until I looked up his voting record over the past few years. He is no longer the maverick that I once respected. He has changed his opinion on most major issues sacrificing his integrity to the far right wing of the Republican Party. Please look this up for yourself before deciding. If you don't, you are voting out of spite and not making an informed decision. Apparently your support for Hillary had more to do with her genitalia than her values.

Jonathan said...

I hate to say it, but any woman who votes for mccain is a sucker. he is playing you like a harp. He will do all that he can to restrict womens reporductive rights, and has pretty well said that he will continue the publican trend of stacking the courts with right wing, anti-choice judges.

he is not a maverick, he is an old fashioned republican right-winger, who want's to put women back barefoot in the kitchen. He said to his wife:


in public no less... he is not a maverik, he is a misogynist. Do not be fooled by his lies.