Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Obama Despises, Attacks White People

The following material from Clintons for McCain shows, in Obama's own words, how he "really feels" about white people. If you're white -- or non-white -- you should be very concerned. More later today (Tuesday). Of course, Obama's true feelings about white people will not be reflected in his national commercials, all of directed to assure white people that he didn't really mean what he -- and his minister -- have been saying all these years. Tomorrow I'll begin writing about my experience with Hillary Supporters who can't stand Obama. The title will be, "My Life Among the Clintonistas." Hope you'll visit.

Subject: Obama's audio book commentary

YouTube: SHOCKING Obama words: what he really thinks of white folks

Politico: Obama’s own voice may haunt him

Hugh Hewitt's Radio Show: Clips 251 to 253

From Wayne L. Singleton: PUMA NY. . . www.JustSayNoDeal.com . . . www.Clintons4McCain.com

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