Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Cable Bias, CNN, MSNBC Awful

Hi my friends: On Thursday I'm going to have to (key phrase) have our 21-year-old cat, Larry Bird, put down. It's the only humane thing to. Thus, my next new column will be up on Friday. Hope to see you back!

As an "objective observer" (well, sorta), the cable news coverage of the primaries was truly pathetic. People like Donna Brazile and, yes, Hillary-backer Paul Begala, and some of the other advocates for one candidate or another struck me as creepy. They were robotic and profoundly uninformative.

If cable wanted to present a clear picture of what was going on, why have people -- and Donna was the worst, followed closely by Paul -- who are shills for one or another candidate? People reciting campaign talking points are not going to provide us any useful information.

"We [the NoBama Movement] are the media," because the people we thought were the media were just reciting canned material in support of their favorite candidate. What useful information can come out of that? If Candy Crowley and Chris Matthews had never existed, would we have lost anything? The more we see them, the less we truly know.

One time Amy Holmes -- a true journalistic superstar -- asked a "Democratic strategist" (an Obama supporter, a pretty but somewhat vacant looking woman) to put on another cap and tell what she would advise McCain. The woman said not one word about the issue Amy raised, incapable of seeing the political issues from another perspective, and she blathered on about how wonderful Obama was. It was embarrassing.

One of the most interesting things going on -- and relax, you'll never hear this discussed -- is how many moderate and liberal people have a newfound admiration of FOX News. They don't have any Edward R. Murrows there, but they are in fact at least trying to present a "fair and balanced" view. That's something unheard of at CNN or MSNBC, which have failed their listeners miserably.

Right now, FOX is by far the most informative and honest of the cable outlets. Terry McAuliffe and Howard Wolfsohn, two very good people, have said as much. Howard is a brilliant guy, but the only place he could get a job was on FOX. That says a lot.

One of the fascinating things about O'Reilly's interview with Hillary is not that the two battled (what else is new?) but that they both enjoyed the fight. The interview helped Hillary re-inforce her image as self-confident, fast on her feet, and a battler. It reinforced Bill's image as a smart, but crabby, guy.

Donna Brazile? Mainly an evil, manipulative person, someone who chooses candidates based on the color of their skin, rather than the content of their character. She exemplifies why the Democratic Party has become almost completely dysfunctional.

On my national blog, I have up "The 72 Lies of Barack Obama." He should be up to 100 well before the end of the week.

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