Thursday, July 10, 2008

Clintonistas, Hillary's Debt, Nader Factor

"Continue My Work, Barack." Let's see, wasn't Jimmy Carter's "energy plan" for all of us to wear thick sweaters and two pairs of socks. With Barack's plan, make that three pairs of socks.

The "Clintonistas," staunch Hillary Supporters committed to keeping Barack H. Obama (BHO) from becoming POTUS, are confronting critical issues. On one of the Yahoo Groups ("EighteenMillionHillarySupporters), "Abbey" wrote about the importance of Hillaryites paying off Senator Clinton's debt. I disagree strongly (as you'll see below).

On the same Group, "Mentis," who backed Hillary in the primaries and now completely supports McCain, wrote about the folly of supporting third-party candidates (such as Ralph Nader, Bob Barr, and Cynthia McKinney). Although Mentis received criticism for his comment, I completely agree with him that a vote for a third-party candidate is a vote for Obama. The following gives you an idea of the debate emerging in the Clinton Democrats community, a large and important one.

Following is my response to Abbey on Hillary's campaign debt:

Abbey, I disagree with you on the debt issue. It's not that I don't like Hillary, because I do. I wrote until my arms fell off about her courageous and ferocious campaign and how superior a candidate she was to Obama. It's just that I don't want to hold her to LOWER standards than we do ourselves. What good does that do the woman? I don't see the logic. She and her husband are among the wealthiest people in America.

I read recently about the man who had been unemployed for 17 months but is sending his dollars to Hillary so she won't be under the thumb of the DNC and Obama, etc. That is just plain wrong. The Clintons could write a check for $11 million tonight and pay off the debt -- and they'd still be fabulously wealthy. If what I'm saying is true -- and I hope people will acknowledge that it is -- then everyone here should be adopting my position.

Truth should trump fantasy and emotion. It must do so ultimately, or we all end up living not in America but rather in the land of Oz. There are some very bright people in this Group, but when it comes to Sen. Clinton, their minds turn to mush.

The following is Mentis' reply to the person who criticized him for saying a vote for Nader is really a vote for Obama:

I wasn't trying to be insulting...just telling it like it is. This [election] is a matter of national importance, and personal feelings may have to take a back seat. I guarantee that anyone who hates the GOP, or McCain will end up hating Obama more if he becomes President...which he will if enough people stay home, or write in, or vote for a third party/candidate. If people feel insulted by that, then let them do what is right.

The following is my comment on the issue of third-party candidates:

Mentis and I disagree on this-and-that, but we don't disagree on the point at issue. If I didn't believe Obama was deceitful and DANGEROUS, I'd probably vote for him. Bill Clinton said of John McCain, "He has given everything he can to his country -- except his life." If Bill Clinton is right on this -- and frankly, his compliment is totally on the mark -- then everyone reading this should be preparing to vote for John McCain against Barack Obama in the general election.

Please don't fall into the trap of believing some political "Party" is more important than our country. When al Qaeda is planning attacks against America -- and I assure you they are -- I would suggest you not rely on the DNC to protect you. I remind you that is the same DNC -- the same Party -- that shafted Hillary Clinton. To anyone who believes he or she must be a Democrat ahead of being an American, well, I feel sorry for them.

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