Sunday, July 6, 2008

Pro-Hillary AND Pro-McCain

This is "Mars''" response to Kathleen, who said it was "premature" for Hillary Supporters to back John McCain:

Kathleen, I agree with you on one point. We should not give up on getting Hillary as the nominee.

I completely disagree with you that it is premature for us (Hillary supporters) not to support McCain, Nader or anyone else until we have exhausted our attempts to place Hillary on the ballot.

The reality is time is of the essence.....Big time! Our Opponent Obama is someone who is a masterful organizer and a masterful user of time, people and events.

If you watch closely, Obama is working out a plan. A plan that continuously attempt to weaken and erase his opponents advantages. One of the mistakes of Hillary's top aids is that they did not take Obama seriously early enough. We would be committing the same very deadly mistake if we do not support one of Obama's opponents (McCain, Nader or anyone....anyone but Obama!).

We can and should be fully supporting McCain or Nader all while we continue to fight for Hillary. Otherwise, if we just focus solely on getting Hillary to be the nominee.........and we don't succeed in having her as the nominee............we would have highly increased Barack Hussein Obama's chances of becoming President.

I believe we can work on getting Hillary elected while supporting another candidate as well.

MarUSA1 (From the Yahoo Group "Hillary's Eighteen Million Supporters")

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