Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Obama Relentlessly Plays Race Card

Barack Obama and his "spiritual" adviser, Rev. Jeremiah Wright of Trinity United Church. Wright taught his bizarre brand of "Christianity" to Obama, his wife, and their children.

The one thing good about being "not young" anymore is that one has the complete right to tell the truth. Every member of the Clinton family, right down to Chelsea has been a champion of racial justice in America. GWB said as much when the Clinton pictures were unveiled at the White House.Like me, Bill has reached the age where he can utter inconvenient truths. If Bill is ever forced to hug Obama, I hope he pulls a Hannibal Lector and bites off his nose.

In the Democratic Primaries, Hillary Clinton used the phrase “white people” ONCE to describe those who were voting for her in Pennsylvania and other late primaries. She was wildly castigated for it, even though: (1) it was true; and (2) Barack Obama was getting 90% of the African-American vote.

However, the standards for Obama in terms of his constant “racial politics” appear to be much lower.

Obama and his surrogates, such as Rev. Wright, constantly accused Sen. Clinton of racism. That occurred, even though Sen. Clinton has a history of practicing racial tolerance and encouraging legislation beneficial to Black people. Obama, by the way, has no such record.

Let’s consider the e-mails, article, and comments accusing the 70 million people who will vote for John McCain of racism. There has been no candidate since the days of George Wallace in 1968 who manipulates race for political gain with the intensity of Barack H. Obama.

One key manifestation of racism is the use of generalizations/stereotypes designed to diminish/denigrate racial (or sometimes ethnic) groups. Obama does this repeatedly in his book Dreams from My Father.

The most famous example is his grandmother (currently used in commercials to display Obama's "white side") as "a typical white person." As you'll recall, in his "Philadelphia" speech on race, which contained not one memorable or honest line, he compared his grandmother (a saint by most accounts) to Rev. Jeremiah Wright, a race-baiting, America-hating "preacher."

Barack Obama sat in Wright's church listening to such nonsense for 20 years -- without raising a peep. He exposed his wife and children to Wright's vile message.

Obama's racism also extends to his recent statements on "responsibility." As Rev. Manning pointed out, Obama -- a child of privilege -- has no real understanding of Black life in America. At the NAACP speech, Obama accused Blacks (many? most?) of being irresponsible and lacking good parenting skills.

Can anyone imagine Obama would ever make a similar speech to groups consisting mainly of Whites? In fact, white people are also known to be irresponsible and practice bad parenting. Most disturbingly, Obama’s criticisms of Blacks appear to be aimed at impressing some whites, particularly those who hold what are supposedly "enlightened" views of Black people.

In Obama's commercials in PA and elsewhere, several white people appear (his grandparents and mother). The only Black (actually, multi-racial) shown is Barack Obama himself. The commercials establish no connections whatsoever to the Black community. The positive statements he makes about his family are at variance with what he says in Dreams.

For the Obama campaign and its surrogates to accuse others of racism is laughable -- and par for the course for the Senator from Illinois -- never to be confused with another Illinois Senator, Abraham Lincoln.

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