Monday, November 10, 2008

Hillary Lets Down Supporters, Country

Thanks to the tens of thousands of people who visited this site. Managing this blog has been a fascinating experience. In the end, Hillary Clinton let down her Supporters -- and her Nation. She valued her career and her party over her nation. Bummer!

Apparently, in the election, as many as four million Hillary Supprters cast their ballots for McCain-Palin. That's a great start.

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My main effort over the next four years will be to ensure the election as POTUS of Gov. Sarah Heath Palin of Alaska. I hope you'll join me in that effort.


Alessandro Machi said...

Remember the old cigarette ad line, I'd rather fight, than switch.

Hillary is still Hillary. The question now is, do you support Sarah Palin moreso than Hillary Clinton?

Jason said...

Sarah Palin for president? No offense, but are you crazy? The ONLY thing that those two have in common is their gender. If you really supported Hillary's politics why didn't you vote for Ralph Nader or Cynthia McKinney or someone who actually at least partially shared Hillary's political perspective? I get the whole being bitter about losing to Barack thing, but seriously, Sarah Palin? That makes no sense at all unless you want a president that is even more right wing than George W Bush. The woman can't even get out a coherent sentence in an interview! (and believe me, what newspaper do you read, is not a hard question to answer).

1950 Democrat said...

I support both Sarah and Hillary, whatever they choose to do next. It's unlikely they will be running against each other.

The appointments of the Clintons' old cabinet* makes me think maybe Hillary did have a SEcret Plan after all. :-) Maybe she will do something good for the whole world before it's time for another big election.

*Especially Summers, who rescued us in the 90s and has been planning how to rescue the global economy next.