Sunday, April 20, 2008

Hillary Supporters Backing McCain

I'm hoping this will be an innovative, exciting, much visited blog. The basis for this site is the knowledge that, if Senator Clinton doesn't get the nomination, many of her supporters will be inclined to vote in the general election for John McCain. I'm very interested in getting comments from people of all political stripes -- perhaps with emphasis on how McCain can "seal the deal" with Hillary supporters. I especially invite people to use the "comments" section or to write to me via e-mail (either: or I also invite you to visit my national blog site at: Also, I have a site focused on the battleground state of Pennsylvania (

Right now, I'm interested in your view on why so many Hillary supporters (as many as 30% in polls) say they might vote in the general for McCain. At times, Mrs. Clinton has implied that she and McCain are the two most qualified candidates for the presidency. She did so famously in her campaign that she and McCain both "have a life-time of experience," while Obama has "a speech he gave [against the Iraq War] in 2002." Recently, she said that Obama could win the presidency, but she didn't say it with any enthusiasm.

As I said, I'd love to hear your comments. I'll print anything that isn't either obscene or nonsensical.

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