Monday, April 21, 2008


I've been writing recently about the big drop in support for Obama nationwide (and in Pennsylvania). If you want to read an excellent article on why Hillary is gaining -- and should stay in the race -- click on the following link:

The article is by Lanny J. Davis, a Clinton friend and fundraiser. It's titled, "Obama and Clinton in a Dead Heat: Will the Media Analyze Why?"

Here's a snippet from the Davis piece: "In the three-day ongoing Gallup Poll of 1,252 Democratic and Democratic-leaning independent voters, from Thursday-Saturday April 17-19, Senator Obama leads by 47% to 45%. Because that 2-point edge is within the 3% margin of error, it means Hillary Clinton is now in a statistical head heat with Barack Obama.This represents a dramatic drop by Senator Obama among Democrats and independent leaners of about 9% in less than a week — a drop that Gallup says began just before the recent ABC debate, and that continued and has leveled off as of Saturday."

Davis asks: will the media analyze the changing Democratic race? The short answer is: no. That's because most of the media remains enamored of Obama, a deeply flawed candidate with a "closet" jam-packed with skeletons.

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