Monday, April 21, 2008

Big PA Victory for Hillary?

Note: I've been predicting a double-digit victory for Hillary Clinton in Tuesday's Pennsylvania Primary. Most of the polls are predicting a single-digit win, the number now favored by Gov. Ed Rendell, a Hillary supporter. I've also pointed out that Obama, post-"bitter" comments, has been dropping like a rock in national polls. Tomorrow night will be a big one for Sen. Clinton. (I know, I'm going out on a limb.)

I'm very interested in hearing from Hillary supporters who will back McCain if Obama gets the nomination. This site will not one that solicits "Hillary bashing." In fact, Mrs. Clinton is not my first choice (McCain is), but she's a far superior candidate to the Senator from Illinois.

In recent polls, up to 30% of Senator Clinton's supporters say they'll be disinclined to vote for Obama is he gets the presidential nomination. I don't blame them. McCain is an American hero, and Obama is not. We hear Obama say he is post-partisan, yet according to the National Journal, he has the most partisan voting record in the Senate. Who's he kidding?

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