Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Hillary is No Sarah Palin

TOMORROW (WEDNESDAY) I'LL HAVE A COLUMN TITLED "HILLARY IS NO SARAH PALIN." It will appear first on two other blogs -- http://draftpalin2012.blogspot.com and http://stevemaloneygop.blogspot.com -- but I'll also reprint it here. This column basically wound to an end after the election of 2008, but I realize it is still drawing a few visitors every day. I'd like to thank you for coming and reading. If you ever need to contact me, you can do so by e-mailing me at: TalkTop65@aol.com Here's a sense of what tomorrow's "Hillary column" will look like.

Hillary Clinton has spent a lifetime accepting, rationalizing, and even defending (yikes) her husband's chronic adultery and abusive behavior toward women. Many Hillary Supporters are now spending their lives defending HRC's decision to value her career over her country. Sarah Palin is a woman who turned in her own Party's state chairman for ethics violations. Hillary Clinton has never done anything remotely comparable in her career. The sad thing is that most of Hillary's Supporters have much higher standards for themselves than they do for their tinsel heroine.


Greg said...

You are so right, Hillary is No Palin. Palin has showed more courage, fortitude, and fight than anyone I have seen in years. Today is her 45th birthday, everyone who supports her should donate to SarahPAC as a birthday present.

commoncents said...

Great post!

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Annie said...

Why would a non-hillary supporter have a website called Hillary supporters for mccain?

Alessandro Machi said...

Clearly an idiotic article.

Without Hillary's career and run for the presidency, Sarah would still be a blip in Alaska.

While I think Sarah Palin could one day be presidential material, Hillary Clinton is so far ahead because of her career path that to criticize her is moronic.

Why do you even have Hillary's name on your website, you opportunist.

You are clueless what the charismatic of society go through on a daily basis, rather than judge them as you do, why not go back to picking the lint from between your toes and fantasizing you could sell it on ebay.

kmorrison said...

I've always been a McCain supporter, but I like both Palin and Clinton; the press did them both wrong this year.